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Advanced Leadership Project

What is the Advanced Leadership Project?

The Advanced Leadership Project (ALP) is the pinnacle of an SI leader's experience with Supplemental Instruction. Drawing on past experience and future vision, the goal of the ALP is enriching the individual leader while simultaneously bettering the SI program.

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Guides for Selecting a Topic

A good ALP topic has a capacity to be researched and applied to better the SI program. There are many different means, methods, and categories you can choose from — you are limited only by your interests and your imagination. Some suggested categories:

  • Leadership
  • Learning Theories
  • SI Methodology
  • Session Planning/Facilitation
  • Learning Activities
  • Program Evaluation

Of course, any topic will work as long as it is approved by the SI coordinator ahead of time.

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Acceptable Standard Deliverables

An ALP can take on many forms, but must always include a deliverable factor. A deliverable ensures that your research and work does not end when you leave! Some example "standard" deliverables:

  • Training Presentation
    A presentation to be given to your fellow leaders. The presentation must be 45 to 60 minutes long. Group interaction and a homework assignment is required. A PowerPoint presentation is optional, but please include your research as speaker notes so that others can give the presentation after you leave.
  • Research Paper
    A paper summarizing your research. The paper must be at least six pages long and in MLA format. Please cite any sources you use so that others my expand or continue your research after you leave.

Other deliverables can be approved by the SI coordinator.

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Due Dates

The only due dates associated with the ALP are the topic date and the final due date — please keep this in mind as the end of the semester can sneak up on you!

Topics are due on the 8th Friday of the semester. (It is advisable, however, to get started early.) Final products are due by the last training day of the semester. This ensures that those preparing presentations will be given an opportunity to share with the group.

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There is no "rubric" for grading the ALP but each project will be assessed during the Final Evaluation at the end of the semester. The SI leader will give a short summary of the usefulness and outcomes of the project and discuss its strengths and weaknesses with the SI coordinator.

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