Session Sign-In Sheet

The other form you will carry constantly is the session sign-in sheet. The attendance data you gather is one of the most important indicators we collect. Without knowing who came to sessions, it is impossible for us to even estimate if the SI program is having a positive impact on students.

How often should this form be completed?

This form is completed every time you have a session. As the students enter, they will sign their name and major on the form. Two lines can be skipped to continue to another session until it is time to turn it in.

How often should this form be submitted?

This form is submitted every two weeks along with other administrative paperwork. Check with your mentor if you want to go over the full list of paperwork due biweekly.

Important Notes

  • Always encourage students to write something in as their major. If they have not declared a major yet, they can write the major they are intending to enter or “undecided.”
  • Keep it neat! Use a highlighter, blank lines, or some other method of signaling where attendance from one session stops and the next begins.

Download the Session Sign-In Sheet