Session Planning Sheet

Love it or hate it, the session planning sheet will be your constant companion. Use this form to its fullest advantage to plan engaging sessions on a consistent basis. It also serves as a way for your mentor and the SI supervisors to see how things are going in the classroom.

How often should this form be completed?

This form should be filled out every time you plan to have an SI session. The top two table sections should be completed before the session, and the session follow-up should be completed after the session.

How often should this form be submitted?

Session plans are turned in every two weeks along with most other administrative paperwork. Check with your mentor if you want to go over the full list of paperwork due biweekly.

Important Notes

  • You never overestimate the value of good brainstorming. Start thinking about activities during lecture (or even better, when you’re reading ahead in the textbook).
  • You have a great intuition for where students may find difficulties – you were a student in the very same class, after all. Try to anticipate student needs and plan sessions to address them.
  • Be sure to follow the 10-30-10 model when planning activities. This will help you keep on topic, on time, and at your best. If you need to review the model, check Section 3 (p. 7).
  • If you need more room, you can always write on the back of the form. This can be especially helpful when you need to fully describe an activity you created yourself.
  • Be sure to attach any handouts you create. Not only will it help your mentor better understand your session, it will helps anyone who looks over your plan in future semesters!

Download the Session Planning Sheet