Observation Record, Advanced

This form is the advanced version of the simple observation record (p. 7). It is recommended for leaders who are familiar with what to look for, as it contains more free-response areas. With the right knowledge, this record will portray an SI session much better than the prompts on the simple observation record.

How often should this form be completed?

This form is completed when you formally observe a fellow SI leader. Formal observations are generally assigned about once a month.

How often should this form be submitted?

This form is submitted on request from the SI supervisors. Most often, observations are due once a month.

Important Notes

  • This form gives a much better picture of a session than the simple observation form, but you have to know what to look for. If you aren’t sure, use the simple observation form or bring a copy of one to refer to during the session.
  • Some leaders use a “plus or minus” system to make comments, while others simply write bulleted lists of their thoughts. You can choose whichever system of making comments you prefer. Any “scoring” system is just to help you organize your thoughts.
  • Always (always) include constructive criticism. An observation without constructive criticism does not leave room for good discussion during debrief or session improvement.
  • As with the simple observation form, please sketch the room arrangement.
  • In the summary box, take a moment to consider the session as a whole. You can make comments on things you thought were good and what you thought needed improvement.

Observation Debrief, Advanced

The debrief questions on the advanced observation are very open-ended; it is up to the observer to direct the discussion with thoughts from the session. If you don’t feel comfortable leading the discussion, you can use the simple debrief questions as a starting place.

Important Notes

  • Do not skip the debriefing! Observations will not be accepted without the debrief questions answered.
  • It does not matter who writes the responses on the form, but the observer and the observed leader must discuss the questions and come up with ideas.
  • For both response questions, help the observed leader create ideas and strategies to improve. Don’t feel embarrassed or insulted; even the most veteran leaders still have room to improve their skills.
  • If you need help making suggestions or solving problems that arose during the session, you can always refer to mentors or supervisors for help.
Download the Observation Record, Advanced