End of Semester Survey, Student

The End of Semester (EoS) Survey is the students’ chance to reflect upon their experiences with SI and evaluate. Data collected on these surveys will give you honest feedback from the students as well as help supervisors assemble qualitative measures of program success.

How often should this form be completed?

Each student completes an EoS survey a few weeks before finals. Check with your mentor or a supervisor for the date you should take a stack of surveys to class.

How often should this form be submitted?

All surveys should be kept in a manila envelope for confidentiality and submitted as soon as possible after your students complete them.

Important Notes

  • Chances are that not all students in your class came regularly to SI sessions. In fact, some of them may not even know your name. Be sure to write your name (along with the class and section number) on the board when they are completing the surveys.
  • Don’t peek! Students’ responses are confidential until they have been reviewed and released by the SI coordinator. You will be able to review any comments at your semester evaluation.
Download the End of Semester Survey, Student