End of Semester Survey, Instructor

The End of Semester (EoS) Survey is also the instructor’s chance to reflect upon their experiences with SI and evaluate. While the instructor version of the survey is similar to the student version in deadlines and processes, the questions are very different.

How often should this form be completed?

Your instructor completes an EoS survey a few weeks before finals. Check with your mentor or a supervisor for the date you should take a stack of surveys to class.

How often should this form be submitted?

All surveys should be kept in a manila envelope for confidentiality and submitted as soon as possible after they are completed.

Important Notes

  • The easiest time for an instructor to complete the survey is when the students are completing it as well. Your instructor can take the survey and submit it directly to the coordinator instead, but please let the coordinator know to expect it! Many a survey can get lost in the middle otherwise.
  • Don’t peek! Especially at your instructor’s responses. Besides the fact that it could have serious consequences, it’s just not very nice. You will always get a chance to review the comments once a supervisor releases them.
Download the End of Semester Survey, Instructor