Beginning of Semester Survey

The Beginning of Semester (BoS) Survey is the primary tool we use to collect data about students. It helps leaders schedule times to hold SI sessions, and it helps SI administrators collect useful demographic data used when processing measures of program success.

How often should this form be completed?

The BoS survey forms are to be completed once by each student in your target class, generally on the first day of class or as soon as possible thereafter.

How often should this form be submitted?

BoS survey forms are submitted only once, before the first Friday of the semester. It is part of the “first week” paperwork. You can find details on the rest of the first-week deadlines on page 7.

Important Notes

  • Please remember that this form contains confidential information. After collected, they should be kept in a manila envelope or other secure location until they can be submitted.
  • The more information students can provide on this survey, the better. These data form the backbone of our measures of success. If students are concerned about answering any of the questions, you can refer them to the SI coordinator.