The First Two Weeks at a Glance

The first two weeks of the semester are often the most hectic! New classes, new students, new professors, new schedules, and new responsibilities abound. Luckily, we’ve condensed these two weeks into a table to summarize all SI deadlines.

Figure 2: First Two Weeks’ Deadlines
Date To Do
Before First Class Write first day speech.
Plan 1st session.
Ready administrative survey for students.
First Day of Class
(see p. 7)
Give first day speech.
Administer administrative surveys.
Conduct first session.
Before Next Class
(see p. 13)
Prepare session schedule.
Prepare room request.
Establish communication with instructor.
Plan next session.
Next Class Day Announce session schedule.
Begin conducting sessions according to schedule.
Before First Meeting
(see p. 13)
Turn in session schedule and administrative surveys.
Turn in room requests and session paperwork.
Attend first mentor meeting.
Before Second Meeting Complete web time entry.
Turn in session paperwork.
Attend second mentor meeting.
Keep in Touch!

To plan effectively, you need to know what your professor has planned for the class. By staying in touch with your professor – whether by email, phone, or in person – you can maximize the potential for your sessions. Meeting once a week is usually sufficient, but check with your professor early in the semester to set up these meetings. Not only will it create a “unified front” for the class, it will also establish you as the students’ liaison and can help your attendance!