The First Week of Class

The first day is finally over. You’ve met the students and introduced them to the world of SI. The fun is just beginning, though. Let’s take a look at the rest of the first week’s deadlines and assignments.

Session Scheduling

Your first SI session may have been directly after class, but the rest will be at a time agreed upon by your students. Remember the bottom section of the Beginning of Semester survey? We’ll be using it to help us pick session times. Refer to Figure 5 as you review the directions below.

Figure 5: Session Scheduling Matrix
Interest Level
Day/Time 5 4 3 2 1 Day/Time Totals
Day/Time Day/Time Totals
Interest Level Totals
  1. Gather your surveys. We want to organize them in a matrix just like above.
  2. First, sort your surveys into five stacks (across) based on their interest level.
  3. Then sort each stack into five sub-stacks (down) based on their first choice of session times.
  4. When finished, you should have a matrix of surveys that looks like the matrix above. Write the total number of surveys in each “cell” into the matrix and total the numbers across and down.

When selecting your session time, you should try to select a popular day, but give preference to students who are the most interested in attending. (After all, they will be most likely to attend.) If there is not really one best choice, you may want to make another matrix, this time sorting down by second choice times.

In the end, don’t stress too much. Your session times can be adjusted in a few weeks if you like.