Different Roles of an SI Leader

Being placed in such a delicate position within the educational process creates some interesting situations for an SI leader. SI leaders are not instructors, but not “just” students, either. As you begin, keep in mind that you will take on a great many roles throughout the semester. Some of them include:

  • Student
    Leaders are students, first and foremost, not only in their target class but in their classes as well.
  • Innovator
    Leaders constantly try new ideas and activities, tailoring them to fit the needs of students.
  • Learning Specialist
    Leaders receive ongoing training in learning skills, educational theory, and other study topics.
  • Role Model
    Leaders demonstrate the behaviors of a successful student, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Motivator
    Leaders help students realize their potential and find their inner motivation.
  • Facilitator
    Leaders are trained in group facilitation, allowing them to lead an effective study session.
  • Team Member
    Leaders assist each other by collaborating on new ideas and providing constructive criticism.
  • Salesperson
    Leaders “sell” the benefits of SI every class day to generate session attendance.
  • Liaison
    Leaders act as the bridge between students and instructors. We help bridge the communication gap.
  • Accountability Partner
    Leaders foster self-regulating, responsible, and accountable learners.