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Welcome to Lone Star College–Kingwood and Supplemental Instruction! It may not feel like it now, but by joining our team, you have the opportunity to become a part of the educational experiences of hundreds of students. Along the way you will have successes, difficulties, and maybe even a few failures. (Nothing is perfect, but that’s not a bad thing.) In the end you will learn much about education, being a leader and a team player, and working toward a long-term goal.

The second edition of our Leader’s Manual marks the beginning of a new era for the development of SI at LSC–Kingwood. Our program has been on campus since 1992, but with the departure of the coordinator in the late 1990s, SI became dormant. The story of “new” SI begins in 2003 when I was hired as an SI leader under the supervision of Dr. Janis Terry.

My experience with SI has been ever-changing. In 2003 there was no SI coordinator, Leader’s Manual, team meetings, or mentors. I began in Ms. Nora Diaz’s economics class, sitting in the library with a big sign that read “Economics Tutor,” wondering why no one ever came. It was in this failure that I began to read about what the SI model is supposed to be. And I resolved to get it there.

Many other people have been pivotal in the development of SI, of course. Many of our veteran leaders have been developing leader trainings and mentoring practices: Nathan Watts is practically our protégé in that regard. Two leaders in particular have given their all to author this manual—Charlotte Iserhardt and Jenny Keller. Of course, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to work without the leadership and flexibility of Dr. Janis Terry. I cannot thank these people enough.

Today, the SI program at LSC–Kingwood is home to a whole team of leaders working to help students become better learners. Some leaders have changed careers to education, received awards at college banquets, or even gone on to present at regional conferences about SI. The limit is only where you make it.

I hope you are as excited as I am to be a part of our team. The people you meet and the lives you touch will shape your views about what education is; your SI experience may even change your life. The first step lies ahead. Let’s get to it!

Westley Trevino
SI Coordinator, LSC–Kingwood